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Tapeworm Dewormer Dog


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Nobody wants their dog to suffer from worms, so the Bayer Tapeworm Dog De-Wormer provides effective at-home treatment. Designed to end the unpleasant problem once and for all, it safely removes the common tapeworms of dipylidium caninum and taenia pisiformis. It comes in an easy-to-administer tablet, which can be crumbled up and sprinkled into their food. It comes from the trusted Bayer brand, and is recommended for dogs over four weeks of age.

Key Benefits

  • De-wormer tablet for dogs helps to safely remove common tapeworms.
  • Safe, at-home treatment removes dipylidium caninum and taenia pisiformis tapeworms.
  • Tablet form is easy to administer directly in the mouth or crumbled in food.
  • Each tablet contains 34mg of the active ingredient praziquantel. No prescription required.
  • From the trusted Bayer brand and safe for dogs over four weeks of age.


Isolated incident of either salvation or diarrhea have been reported following treatment but were considered non-significant. If these signs are observed and they persist, consult your veterinarian.


Ingredients - Praziquantel.


Feeding Instructions

Puppies and small dogs over the age of 4 weeks should be given Bayer Expert Care™ Tapeworm Dewormer Tablets for Dogs in the following dosages according to weight:

  • 5 lbs and under give ½ tablet.
  • 6-10 lbs give 1 tablet.
  • 11-15 lbs give 1½ tablets.
  • 16-30 lbs give 2 tablets.
  • 31-45 lbs give 3 tablets.
  • 46-60 lbs give 4 tablets.
  • Over 60 lbs give 5 tablets maximum.