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Cozy Quick Muzzle For Dogs

Four Flags Over Aspen

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The Cozy Quick Muzzle® Provides fleecy-soft comfort for hard-to-handle average-snouted breeds. The Cozy Quick Muzzle® features the same great features as the Original, with added polyester fleece nose pad for the ultimate in pet comfort. • All styles are constructed of durable water- and dirt-resistant nylon pack cloth for years of use.• Webbing-reinforced construction is designed with safety in mind.• Adjustable straps with a durable quick-release plastic buckle for fast efficient muzzle closure.• Available individually for professional use. IMPORTANT!  SAFE RESPONSIBLE MUZZLE USE: Please remember, the QUICK MUZZLE® is for supervised, short-term use to reduce the risk of bites. A muzzle is to be used with another method of restraint, with the animal handler holding the ultimate responsibility for safe control. With a proper, snug fit, the animal’s ability to pant is reduced, which could compromise the animal’s natural cooling system. Under certain conditions, this could produce a life-threatening situation.