Bloat / Gastric Volvulus

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Bloat Kit Basic

Basic kit contains four pieces: “How To” Manual, 5 foot clear vinyl tube, wood mouth block and trochar.    Available in two sizes: Medium tube: 40 – 90 pound dog. Large tube: 90 pound and up dog.   Deluxe bloat kit...
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Bloat Kit Deluxe

Deluxe bloat kit contains seven pieces: “How To” Manual 5 foot clear vinyl tube mouth block trochar DOGZYMES Probiotic Paste 2 oz Bloat Buster 60 cc piston syringe   Available in two sizes: Medium tube: 40 – 90 pound dog...
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Dogzymes Canine Probiotic Paste

Dogzymes Canine Probiotic Paste packs a tasty punch to support your dog’s gut health.  Feed this product as part of a daily wellness regimen.One of our most popular products! No refrigeration needed! Up to 2 year shelf life!An oral...
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Nature's Farmacy Bloat Buster

$21.99 - $63.99
Super concentrated Simethicone and liquid Yucca used to transform large gas pockets into small particles. Ingredients: Simethicone 497 mg per ml  &  Yucca   Suggested oral feeding rate: 1-2 ml/100 pound dog.    
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Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowls

Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowls Many dogs eat too rapidly, which can cause bloat, discomfort and other digestive issues. jw's  idea is the Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowl. Its unique design with large interior indentations work to slow eating, while a...
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Stethoscope - Dual Head

Stethoscope Dual Head Listen with this dual head stethoscope to get the diagnostic information you need. It features a lightweight anodized aluminum chest piece; flat side is for general use, while bell-shaped side amplifies lower-frequency sounds and is...
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