Piston Irrigation Feeding


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  60cc Sterile Irrigation Grommetless Thumb Control Ring  by Nurse Assist are graduated in 5 mL increments and made of polyethylene. These single use, sterile,  include a tip protector.  Compatible with  a.i./feeding catheters 60cc Sterile Irrigation by Nurse Assist are disposable single use irrigation tools. These Grommetless Thumb Control Ring Syringes come with a tip protector and are packaged in a Tyvek Peel Pouch. Made of polyethlylene and operated by a piston plunger, these are graduated in 5 mL increments. 60 mL Irrigation   Packaged: Tyvek Peel Pouch. Tip Protector. Disposable. Piston Application. Sterile. Latex Free. Manufacturer: Nurse Assist HCPCS Code: A4322