Pets C & C ( aka Vintesta )

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Pets C&C (formerly named Vintesta) is a natural herbal respiratory remedy for acute respiratory health challenges associated with non-specific fever, runny nose, coughing, and acute respiratory congestion. The natural herbs in this formula are known to be immune stimulating, fever reducing, drying and protecting to the lungs. Pets C&C can also be used to strengthen and support the immune system health when a pet has been exposed to other animals with acute respiratory infections.

How can I tell the difference between kennel cough and the canine flu?

Kennel cough is a bacterial infection and exhibits a dry hacking cough. The canine flu symptoms are similar to kennel cough except the canine flu is a virus and canine flu dogs exhibit a discharge from the eyes and/or nose, along with a wet cough.

The canine flu can turn into pneumonia very quickly if not treated. They have found that not many antibiotics are effective on the canine flu. If you are using an antibiotic on your dog and it continues to worsen, it may be because the antibiotic is ineffective towards the canine influenza virus.

Because these respiratory infections are of a different source and not enough studies have been performed, they need to be treated differently. We suggest using the Tossa K (formerly Kennel-Koff) for pets with kennel cough and the Pets C&C (aka Vintesta) for dogs who have the canine flu. We have found the Pets C&C to be highly effective against the canine flu. If your pet has developed pneumonia, we suggest giving Vibactra Plus in addition to Pets C&C.

Active Ingredients per ml of Pets C&C:
Proprietary Blend of (Blueberries 1,3, Myrrh Gum 2,3,4, Bayberry Root 2,3,4) 397 mg"
FlaxSeed1, 3, 4 149 mg
Angelica Root 1, 3, 4 50 mg
Feverfew 1, 3 38 mg
Thyme Leaf 1, 3 13 mg
Corn silk 1, 3, 412 mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Filtered Water, Grain Alcohol 1, 3 USP 21% by volume.

Pets C&C Recommended Use
Animal Weight Drops ml/cc # of Servings
per 1oz. Bottle
under 3 lbs. 2 0.06 ml/cc 493
3 to 10 lbs. 5 0.15 ml/cc 197
11 to 25 lbs. 10 0.30 ml/cc 99
26 to 80 lbs. 13 0.40 ml/cc 74
81 to 150 lbs. 15 0.45 ml/cc 66
151 to 250 lbs. 20 0.60 ml/cc 49

Suggested Use for larger animals such as horses, elephants, giraffes, etc.: For pets over 251 lbs, add 5 drops for every additional 100 lbs of body weight.
Each above dose is less than 1ml.
Directions for Use: Shake product well before use. Do not exceed the recommended dose!
For Canines & Felines
give 4 times daily for 7-10 days.
Pregnant animals: give half the dose 1-2 times daily.(see caution)
For Birds, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs:
Add 20 drops to every 8 oz. of water.


Not recommended for use with pets under 6 weeks old. If younger than six weeks, you may dose the mom and the babies will get the benefits of the product via nursing.