Nupro Custom Electrolytes 1lb

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NUPRO® Custom Electrolytes for Dogs

Specially Formulated for Your "Working Class" Hero!

This Product is Intended for Intermittent or Supplemental Use Only!

Does my dog need Electrolytes? 

NUPRO® Custom Electrolytes for Dogs, a supplemental specialty product designed especially for highly active "Working" or "Performance Dogs", is formulated using balanced ratios of the purest quality natural Trace Minerals that are essential for optimal health and performance during stressful conditions. 
An integral component of the "working" dog's nutritional/training program, electrolytes are useful in aiding your dog's body to
sustain, replenish and re-establish the normal fluid balances of blood and tissues which may be upset during periods of high-level stress and/or demanding competition and to continually maintain your "active" dog in First Class Health!
Extremely effective in warmer climates and on hot summer days.  
NUPRO® Custom Electrolytes for Dogs SuggestedUse -
Day Before Event - Mix required amount into dog’s water or food.

Day of Event - Mix into dog’s water or food before and after any strenuous activity and/or exercise to support normal hydration.

Maintenance - 
Especially for high activity and working dogs, at least twice weekly be sure to offer electrolytes in food and/or water to help replenish and sustain normal fluid balances of blood and tissues.

Can be used with NUPRO®All Natural Dog Supplements.