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Earth Animal Emational Balance Flower Essence Remedy

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Emotional Balance is a healing blend of flower essences that helps reduce fear and calm anxious behavior. It helps to balance the emotions and minimize neurotic behavior such as separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, visits to the groomer, relocation, obedience issues, aggressive behavior, or bereavement. Only organically grown or wild-crafted herbs are used to make these powerful concentrated liquid extracts. Our herbal formulas have reduced alcohol content, with added flower essences to help re-balance the disrupted energy or emotional patterns associated with each condition for a truly holistic balancing effect.


Active Ingredients per ml: Essences of Bleeding Heart, Castel Lake Azalea, Echinacea*, Shooting Star, Heart’s Ease, Lady’s Slipper, Hyssop, California Wild Rose.


Mt. Shasta Spring Water, Brandy.

*For animals with autoimmune diseases, please talk with your veterinarian first as echinacea can have adverse effects with autoimmune diseases.


Administer orally twice daily. Can be given with 2 oz of water or directly in the mouth. For maintenance, administer by weight, once daily or every other day. Shake well before use.

Give 3-5 drops in fresh drinking water twice daily. For more severe stress and anxiety such as, car rides, separation anxiety, or going to the veterinarian, rub 1 to 2 drops the hairless part of the inner ear.

For use in dogs and cats only.

3-7 lbs 4 drops
8-15 lbs 5-8 drops
16-35 lbs 10-12 drops
36-85 lbs 15-18 drops
86+ lbs 20-25 drops