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Dogzymes Whelping Kit

Nature's Farmacy (DogZymes)

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Nature’s Farmacy Whelping Kit consists of four of our most popular products. This kit was compiled to support the bitch during pregnancy, before and after whelping, as well as the puppies after whelping. This Kit includes: 1 - 30 gm Whelping Calcium Paste, 1 - 30 gm Probiotic Paste, 1 - Puppy Bac 1lb, and 1 - Fading Puppy Support 3 oz.

These are all key products to have on hand whether all is normal, or an emergency situation develops.


· Calcium deficiency in the bitch before or after whelping

· Upset stomach, gas, loss of appetite during or end of pregnancy

· No or low milk production

· Weak or fading newborn puppy


Canine Whelping Calcium Paste (30 gram): Supplemental source of calcium for all whelping breeding females. Administer to the adult female dog at first signs of labor, halfway through delivery of large litters and once again after delivery is completed. This product can also be used daily with the adult female dog who is nursing a large litter. This is meant to be administered to the mother only.

Canine Probiotic Paste (30 gram): Beneficial bacteria, Enzyme and Prebiotic/FOS for supporting digestion and bowel health. Included in this kit primarily as a digestive aid for mom, this can also be used with newborn puppies. For the mother, follow the recommended dosages on the label according to her weight. Feeding it 5 minutes before a meal will help boost her appetite but can be fed every hour to help stop loose stools. We recommend feeding probiotics daily for nutrient absorption while nursing. For a newborn puppy it provides a great source of probiotics to help jumpstart digestion and absorption. When feeding to a newborn, a small dab (less than a pea size) on the end of you finger can be rubbed on the tongue or the roof of the mouth for the puppy to lick down.

Puppy Bac (1 lb): Complete Milk replacer with vitamins, minerals, live microorganisms, coconut oil and fat for additional calorie value. The Puppy Bac is a complete meal replacement for a nursing puppy. Following the label, it is mixed with 4 parts of non-chlorinated water to 1 part Puppy Bac Powder. For greater caloric concentration, mix 3 parts water to 1 part Puppy Bac. We only recommend using non-chlorinated water to preserve the integrity of the probiotics in the formula.

Fading Puppy Support (3 oz): Probiotics, Enzymes, Prebiotic/FOS, Electrolytes, Vitamins and Minerals. Formulated to help newborn puppies thrive, this powerhouse blend of ingredients is essential to have on hand for whelping puppies. Mixed at a ratio of 1 part Puppy Support to 16 parts water, we recommend using the enclosed 1/4 teaspoon scoop with 4 teaspoons of non-chlorinated water only. Use only non-chlorinated water to protect the integrity of the probiotics but also to maintain the proper electrolyte balance supplied to the puppy. Once blended with water, feed 1/2 cc per each 3 oz of puppy body weight (for larger puppies, use 1 cc for each 6 oz of puppy body weight). This blend will help give puppies energy to nurse so we recommend administering the Puppy Support before feeding. This is not meant to be used as a meal replacement, it is a supplement only and needs to be followed with milk from either the mother or by using the Puppy Bac formula. If you have a puppy who is not thriving, we recommend using this product 3 times per day. We have customers who supplement with the Puppy Support Formula once a day as a preventative measure.