Zymox Ear Solution HC-Free 1.25 fl oz

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ZYMOX® Enzymatic Ear Solution  

Highly effective for aiding in the treatment of bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections including Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Proteus and Malassezia. The solution works with the body to react with present pus and debris to kill infectious microorganisms. The non-invasive protocol requires no cleaning before and during use so that the enzyme activity is not disrupted. Also recommended for treating antibiotic sensitive animals, difficult problematic pets, rodents, and sensitive exotics. Has no memory so destroys antibiotic resistant microorganisms. Contains no antibiotics. No pre-clean, once daily protocol makes it simple to use. Cleans and relieves with one daily dose - ZYMOX® not only brings relief to pets, but to their owners as well. Over time, numerous veterinary visits for recurring chronic infections can be time-consuming, frustrating and extremely costly to a pet owner. ZYMOX®'s proven product line utilizes the LP3 Enzyme System for long-term maintenance and prevention of chronic ear and skin infections. These easy to use topical dermatology products are convenient, safe, and effective. Why are enzymes better? Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that increase the rate of chemical reactions. They are natural defenses against harmful microbes.  They can be found in many places and have very specific jobs. Enzymes won’t irritate a pet’s sensitive or raw skin; are very safe - non-toxic for pets, people, and the environment; and most importantly, bacteria won’t develop resistance against enzymes, so they are always efficient. The patented LP3 Enzyme System in ZYMOX® is a combination of enzymes with very specific jobs which work synergistically to inhibit, split, and destroy the offending bacteria, fungi, and even some viruses making the combination antibacterial as well as antifungal. The enzymes only target the invading single-celled organisms, healthy cells are unaffected.