Miracle Nipple®

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We now carry MIRACLE NIPPLES!! We have 5 kits to choose from depending on size of puppy, kitten or baby animal. These are great to have on hand for many reasons: Nursing orphans, supplementing a nursing bitch or queen, rehabilitation or rescue, hand feeding a sick or injured baby.

  • Most Popular Nipple Style for Hand Feeding
  • Base of nipple serves as a kneading pad
  • Oversized base to reduce risk of being swallowed
  • Sizes to fit any Baby Animal

SAMPLE KIT: 1 Mini Nipple, 1 Original Nipple, 1 - 1 ml syringe, 1 - 3 ml  syringe

                   Fits Toy to Small Puppies, Kittens and Other Baby Animals

MINI KIT: 2 Mini Nipples and 1 - 3 ml syringe

                   Fits Toy Breed Puppies, Kittens and Tiny Animals

ORIGINAL KIT: 2 Original Nipples and 1 - 3 ml syringe

                   Fits Small Animals – Has Longer Style Nipple

SMALL KIT: 2 Small Nipples and 2 - 10 ml syringes

                   Fits Small - Medium Breed Puppies and Animals

LARGE KIT: 2 Large Nipples and 1 - 10 ml syringe and 1 - 20 ml syringe

                   Fits Large Breed Puppies and Animals



Wash before each use