Purishield Stall

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PurishieldTM Stall offers your animal the best protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi. PurishieldTM Stall Concentrate mixes to make 5 gallons of product for topical application on ALL surfaces, containers and troughs. It is formulated to treat all surfaces that are found around horses and other large animals. Safe if sprayed on animals. Vet approved Safe and non-toxic Steroid-free and antibiotic-free Contains no alcohol, iodine, tea tree oil or bleach Non-irritating and non-resistant formula Safe if licked or ingested Biodegradable Veterinarian Recommendations: To protect your animal from infection and disease, apply Purishield™ Stall to all surfaces once or twice per month. Increase application frequency during periods of birthing and healing. Directions for Use: Clean debris and dirt from stall or surfaces. Following the dilution table, mix concentrate and cool water in a spray device appropriate for applying to desired area. Spray intended surfaces until saturated. There is no need to remove the animal, the food or the water before or after application. Purishield™ Stall should also be used to treat trailers and vehicles used to transport animals and livestock. Dilution Table: Stall Concentrate - Water 1.3 tsp. - 16 oz. 3.5 tbls. - 1 gal. 1.7 oz. - 1 gal. 8.0 oz. - 5 gal. Storage: To maintain freshness longer, store at room temperature or in a cool climate. Ingredients: Purifect™ for Surfaces, Acetic Acid, Zwitterionic Surfactant, Water, Proprietary Blend (containing Chlorhexidine)