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PAXXIN is an excellent natural herbal supplement remedy which helps many puppies overcome the deadly canine Parvo Virus.

Success has been reported with other similar ailments such as corona virus, distemper, vomiting, diarrhea, e-coli, giardia, and colic. Paxxin is most often used to prevent or treat puppies or dogs, but also has great success helping heal raccoons with parvo.

Paxxin is designed to help your pet overcome:

bullet Tonifying to tissues
bullet Vomiting
bullet Diarrhea
bullet Bloody diarrhea
bullet Loss of appetite
bullet Lethargy
bullet Boost the immune system
bullet Malaise
bullet Fever
bullet Dehydration
bullet Low white blood cell count
bullet General and nonspecific gastrointestinal problems

bullet Ease travel discomfort.
bullet Bloat
bullet Gas
bullet High in natural vitamin C and other important antioxidants for fighting off acute health situations.
bullet Especially healing and soothing to the digestive system and mucous membranes.
bullet Vomiting and diarrhea caused by environment changes.
bullet Vomiting and diarrhea caused by changes in diet.

See WolfCreek Ranch's "Healing Parvo with Paxxin" page for specific information on how to use Paxxin in conjunction with other healing aids to improve your pet's health. Vibactra Plus is a natural antibiotics can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and single celled organisms and works with Paxxin for healing. We recommend using both for a better outcome for your pet.

Research Supporting the herbs in Paxxin:

For more information click on the following link: Healing Parvo with Paxxin

Active Ingredients per ml of Paxxin for Canines only:
Proprietary Blend of Colloidal Silver 3, Chamomile Flowers 1,3, Yarrow 1,3, Plantain Leaf 1,3,4) 98 mg
Rosehip Fruit 1, 3, 4 19 mg
Echinacea 1, 3 12 mg
Garlic 1, 3*See Below 12 mg
Goldenseal Root 1, 3 12 mg
Oregon Grape Root 2, 3, 411 mg
Peppermint Leaf1, 3, 48 mg
Spearmint Leaf 1, 3, 48 mg
Hibiscus Flower 1, 3, 45 mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Filtered Water, Grain Alcohol1, 3 USP 17% by volume.

Paxxin is a natural organic herbal remedy which may work on microbial infections of the intestinal tract. Paxxin may be useful in easing vomiting and diarrhea in animals, especially in cases where the canine has contracted the Parvo virus. Paxxin may also help boost the dog's immune system and soothe the digestive tract. Paxxin has mild antiviral properties to help a parvo puppy overcome the canine parvo virus.

Paxxin is a combination of certified organic herbs in an alcohol base. One bottle of Paxxin will treat approximately 2-3 medium sized parvo puppies. Paxxin has a shelf life of 4 years (longer if kept cool).

Animal Weight Drops ml/cc Oat Water*
or Electrolytes
# of Servings
per 1oz. Bottle
under 3 lbs. 2 0.06 ml/cc 1 tsp 493
3 to 10 lbs. 5 0.15 ml/cc 2 tsp 197
11 to 25 lbs. 10 0.30 ml/cc 1 Tbsp 99
26 to 80 lbs. 13 0.40 ml/cc 2 Tbsp 74
81 to 150 lbs. 15 0.45 ml/cc 3 Tbsp 66
151 to 250 lbs. 20 0.60 ml/cc 4 Tbsp 49
Suggested Use for larger animals such as horses, elephants, giraffes, etc.:

For pets over 251 lbs, add 5 drops for every additional 100 lbs of body weight.

General Use:

Give orally 3 to 4 times daily.

For use with pets 6 weeks or older. Not recommended for use with pets under 6 weeks old. If younger than six weeks, you may dose the mom and the babies will get the benefits of the product via nursing.

Suggested Use for Treating Parvo:

Select proper dosage of Paxxin and electrolyte fluid (such as Pedialyte) from the chart above. Administer this dose directly in the puppy's mouth every 15 minutes for the first hour.

Remaining doses:

Continue giving the same quantity of Paxxin as first dose with the corresponding quantity of water or Pedialyte/electrolyte fluid. Place the Paxxin water or Pedialyte/electrolyte fluid mixture directly into the puppy's mouth every hour on the hour, until the puppy is eating and consuming fluids on its own and able to hold food down for 6 hours. Then dose just the oral drops of Paxxin (based on the puppy's weight per the chart above), 4x/day for 2 additional days to help prevent the puppy from relapsing.

Suggestion for just chemically wormed or vaccinated puppies:

Puppies who were vaccinated and/or chemically wormed within 14 days of coming down with parvo benefit from giving the Life Cell Support to help flush the toxins from the chemical wormer and/or vaccinations out of their bodies.

Suggested Preventative Use:

Paxxin can be used prophylactically to prevent parvovirus. Dose with just the oral drops of Paxxin per the chart above, to puppies who have been exposed to the parvo virus. Dose orally 4x/day for 5 days to ALL puppies who have been exposed to the parvo virus and are not currently exhibiting any symptoms of parvo to help prevent them from coming down with parvo AND dose orally 2x/day for 5 days with Vibactra Plus. Dosed prophylactically as soon as you know your puppy has been exposed to the parvovirus these natural remedies help prevent MAJORITY of exposed puppies from exhibiting any parvo virus symptoms. If a puppy starts to exhibit symptoms of parvo, then begin immediate treatment per the information above.

If there are other dogs that have had Parvo on the premises recently, continue preventative treatment with Paxxin once a day for 6 weeks (parvo puppies shed the virus for 6 weeks). Do a thorough cleaning then discontinue use.

When you bring your dog onto Parvo exposed property, wait 2 days. Then give Paxxin 4 times a day for 5 days to help prevent your puppy from coming down with parvo. It is best to give Vibactra Plus twice a day for 5 days in conjunction with Paxxin.

Suggested Veterinarian Use:

If puppy is on IV fluid give 4 times the recommended dose of Paxxin orally every 4 hours. Do not follow with fluid (some fluid to wash down the flavor is OK). Give full amount of IV fluid. Give the Vibactra Plus 4 times a day (only 2 times/day if giving other antibiotics).
Reduce the drip by half and give half the amount of Pedialyte with the hourly dose of Paxxin (single dose). Give the Vibactra Plus 4 times a day (2 times if giving other antibiotics).

If puppy is on Sub Q fluid reduce the Sub Q by half and give half the amount of Pedialyte with the hourly dose of Paxxin (single dose). Give the Vibactra Plus 4 times a day (2 times if giving other antibiotics).

Success has been reported when using Paxxin in conjunction with vet hospital treatment. Even when the vet was previously recommending euthanizing a parvo puppy after numerous days on IV's with no improvement. Paxxin has helped most of these parvo puppies treated in the vet hospital start eating within 12-24 hours of oral Paxxin dosing.