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  This Price Includes Shipping! Your Novo Sticks will be shipped directly to you via Priority Mail!                Novosticks are developed for breeders and dog owners who are planning a litter. Some bitches have very light seasons and it can be difficult to know when they are ovulating and when the most favorable time for mating is present. Most bitches are ovulating between 10 and 14 days after the start of their season, but some bitches can ovulate as early as day 5 and as late as day 21. The optimal mating time is 2 days after ovulation, which can be hard to hit without an indication. Other tests can be both stressful and unpleasant for the bitches. However, repeated blood samples to test the amount of progesterone may give a more precise indication. With Novosticks you can test when the optimum time for mating should take place. Novosticks are cheap, easy and completely without any discomfort for your bitch. You can use Novosticks if: • You have to travel far with your bitch. • Earlier seasons have been irregular. • The Bitch has not been pregnant in spite of mating. • The Bitch is going to be mated with an inexperienced dog. • You know that artificial insemination is necessary. How does it work? Novosticks measure directly on the enzymes that are affected when the level of glucose in the bitch is increasing. They indirectly measure the level of estrogen, as these go hand in hand. There are several hormones that help to regulate the season cycle and the subsequent pregnancy. Estrogen: stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs. Luteinizing hormone LH: stimulates the ovaries to release the egg. Progesterone: Maintains pregnancy. Dogs are ovulating when levels of estrogen and LH are declining and progesterone is rising. Be aware that fresh semen is viable for 5 to 7 days. How to use Novosticks 1. Wipe the vulva area clean and wipe away any excess blood. 2. Slightly open the vulva and gently place the Novostick about 2-3 cm. inside. Place the stick sideways up with the pink surface in the vulva. 3. Hold the Novostick in place for about 10 seconds. 4. Remove the Novostick and please note whether it has been wet by the fluid from the vagina. 5. Read the results immediately and compare the results on the images below if you are unsure. Be aware. The Novostick will change color when estrogen levels are high. A few days prior to ovulation the estrogen level decreases and the Novostick will show no change or just a very little change. An example of the process could be: 1. Start testing the bitch from the beginning of her season. 2. The Novostick will change color when the estrogen level is increasing. Then you know that the bitch will ovulate within 2 to 7 days. 3. The estrogen level falls and the Novostick does not change color or maybe just slightly. Then you know that the bitch is ovulating within the next days. 4. The optimal mating time is approx. 2 days thereafter. To store Novosticks correctly - Important. To ensure that your Novosticks test correctly, it is important that they are not being exposed to moisture or sunlight. Please also note that you do not touch / put your fingers on the pink "test pad". Novosticks have a limited validity. Proper storage extends this. You can expect approx. 1 year of validity. Novodog does not guarantee this. You should always keep your Novosticks in original packaging.