Natural Chemistry Waterless Bath Spray for Dogs 24 oz

Natural Chemistry
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Ever tried getting a cat into water, or how about trying to fit your Great Dane into the bathtub? For many pet owners, bath time can be a disaster, leaving both pet and owner frustrated and upset. Maintaining a clean healthy coat is essential for the overall health of our animals. Take the stress out of bath time, with Natural Chemistry’s line of Waterless bath products. Most pets would rather skip the routine of being bathed, however, there comes a time when a wash is absolutely necessary. Keeping your pet’s skin and coats clean is an important step to their health but not all pets can be bathed. Some animals are too old or debilitated to be bathed and some just need a quick freshening up. Natural Chemistry’s Waterless Bath products offer the simplicity of a bath in a bottle.


This unique, naturally based ingredient solution is perfect for cleaning pets between shampoos. Waterless Bath™ will give your pet that just washed shine. It's ideal for light cleansing and freshening.