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Our blend for the Cushings or Addison dog. Contains holistic ingredients believed to aid in the control and normalization of the Cushings or Addisons dog.  Suggested feeding rate: Toy / Small Breeds 1/2 teaspoon twice per daily Meduim / Large Breeds 1 teaspoon twice per daily Ingredients: Chase Tree Berry, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Cranberry Powdered Concentrate, Ground Rice Hills, Organic Coconut Flower, Calcium Carbonate, Coated Ascorbic Acid, Encapsulated Vitamin Cm Calcium Ascorbate, Wheat Middlings, d-Biotin, ground Flaxseed, Yucca, Sodium Silico Aluminate (anti-caking agent) and Magnesium Hydroxide.    

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Cushing's Crusher
Written by undefined on 19th May 2016

My x wife bought this for me to try all I can say is wow this product is worth the money! My X is a dog breeder and loves dogs

Cushing Buster is Unbelievable
Written by Lynne Gobioff on 23rd Sep 2013

Cushings is devistating, loss of hair, incessent drinking and peeing. With no cure the treatment at the vet is typically worse than the disese itself. My newfoundland has been on cushing crusher for over one year and has improved dramatically. Her drinking has decreased by over 50%, her overall health has improved dramatically. This is not a cure for Cushings, but it has helped my dog have a normal lifestyle. I don't understand why vets don't suggest this - I found out about this product from my breeder.