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We Now Have ALL the sizes that are made in the USA!! 

Made in the USA are available in four colors , purple, pink, red & blue! Pets Need Water, especially when they’re away from home running, walking or playing in the sun. Water Rover™ Makes it Easy for responsible pet owners to take water with them wherever they go.With its durable, lightweight water bowl and attached bottle, Water Rover™ is Hands-Free – Clips to belt or waist band Leak-Free – Even when held upside down Waste-Free – Extra water tips back into the bottle Hassle-Free – Wide mouth bottle is easy to fill with water and ice Water Rover™ is Simple to Use. When your pet is thirsty, just unplug the bottle, lay the Water Rover™ flat on the ground, and the water will automatically flow into the round bowl. When your pet is through drinking, tip the extra water back into the bottle, replace the plug, and clip the Water Rover™ back onto your belt or waistband.     Great for Pet Outings, Perfect for Pet Travel. Pet owners often underestimate how much water their pets need - don’t let them dehydrate! Take Water Rover™ along whenever you and your pet leave home – walks, jogs, picnics, trips to the beach, road trips, vacations, etc. – to ensure your pet always has fresh water available.

Smaller Water Rover 8oz bottle with 3″ bowl.

Regular Water Rover 15oz bottle with 4″ bowl.

Bigger Water Rover 26 oz bottle with 4″ bowl.

Even Bigger Water Rover 26 oz bottle with 5 1/4 " bowl.  


** All Water Rover products are BPA free. **  


The Water Rover dishwasher safe is using the top shelf only.  


We will do our best to send you the color / size combination you have selected. However, if it is unavailable we will send you the closest we have in stock.

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Water rover
Written by Catherine on 29th Jun 2017

This is by far the best portable water bottle for dogs out there! More retail stores in Canada should carry them. It is very popular at the dog park because it's the only one with this design and dogs can drink easily out of it. My dog Steve loves it!

Most Valuable Tool
Written by Tami Windell on 5th Jul 2016

The Water Rover is, by far, the best way to travel with water for your pet. Our dog can be very particular about her water and I have been concerned in the past about her getting enough as we travel. With the Water Rover she can have her normal water supply and I don't have to pack a bowl, bottle and towel for the inevitable spill. The bowl is attached, the water easily flows out, and when she is done the water easily returns back to the bottle. Love this thing!

Best waterer ever for Toy Dogs at the show!!
Written by Sara on 6th Oct 2015

I love this waterer! It is small enough to fit in my tack bag or even my purse to take to the shows. It never leaks and a small bottle of water (8Oz) is just the right size... no more half full water bottles hanging around the set up.

Bigger water rovet
Written by LB on 7th Jul 2015

These are great and we have several. Great concept and are extremely hard to get. I was thrilled I could get them from you.