Water Rover Horse

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Secures easily to your saddle and allows for watering from the saddle or the ground.

This model is perfect for REALLY big dogs too!   Now made in the USA!!    Available in four colors , purple, pink, red & blue!  

Pets Need Water, especially when they’re away from home running, walking or playing in the sun. Water Rover™ Makes it Easy for responsible pet owners to take water with them wherever they go.With its durable, lightweight water bowl and attached bottle, Water Rover™ is Hands-Free – Clips to belt or waist band Leak-Free – Even when held upside down Waste-Free – Extra water tips back into the bottle Hassle-Free – Wide mouth bottle is easy to fill with water and ice Water Rover™ is Simple to Use. When your pet is thirsty, just unplug the bottle, lay the Water Rover™ flat on the ground, and the water will automatically flow into the round bowl. When your pet is through drinking, tip the extra water back into the bottle, replace the plug, and clip the Water Rover™ back onto your belt or waistband.    

26 oz bottle with 5 1/4 " bowl.



** All Water Rover products are BPA free. **


The Water Rover dishwasher safe is using the top shelf only.


We will do our best to send you the color / size combination you have selected. However, if it is unavailable we will send you the closest we have in stock.