No Stains "Fur" Me by Ark Naturals

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Helpful for eye and paw rust stains. Safe, gentle and easy to use. Pre-measured scoop enclosed. Natural botanical formula. Size: 63 grams "Pet eye stains are caused by pet tearing. Paw stains are caused by excessive licking. Damp pet hair -both eyes and paws- produce the same type of bacteria. The most common is Red Yeast. No Stains “Fur” Me™, our natural herbal formula, supports your pets’  immune system and is helpful for bacteria and yeast responsible for the stains." - Dr. Nancy Scanlan No Stains "Fur" Me is natural, tastes great and made in the USA. Formulated by Dr, Dr. Nancy Scanlan, DVM, EXEC Director of the AHVMA. Product Facts: For dogs and cats 12 weeks and older. Helps to remove stains around eyes and stains on paws. Directions for Use: Use enclosed scoop. Recommended Use: 5lbs and under- 1/2 scoop per day6 to 10lbs- 1 scoop per day11 to 50lbs- 1½ scoops per day50lbs and over- 2 scoops per day Active Ingredients Olive leaf extract, Pau d' Arco, vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), Oregon grape root, exclzyme pet Inactive Ingredients Chicken flavor (natural), rice concentrate, stevia