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Fel-O-Lysine Powder For CatsAn Essential Amino Acid For Cats Fel-O-Lysine is a water soluble L-Lysine supplement for cats. Used as an aid in treating Feline Herpes Virusand its associated respiratory and ocular symptoms, and as a general L-Lysine supplement. L-Lysine ensures absorption of calcium which helps in the formation of collagen and cartilage, and inconnective tissue repair. It also provides an essential support for a deficient immune system. Fel-O-Lysine alsoprovides antioxidants. Ingredients:Maltodextrin, 98.5% USP L-Lysine, DiMethylGlycine (DMG). Flavored powder for increased palability. Each teaspoon contains 300mg of L-Lysine and 20mg of DMG. Directions: 1 teaspoon twice daily as a nutritional supplement. CAUTION: Not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Cat use only. Store in a cool, dry place.