Allercaine Spray with Bittran II

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Allercaine™ Hot Spots Antiseptic, Anti-itch Remedy with Lidocaine Why should I use Allercaine with Bittran? Allercaine will deaden the pain and itching of broken or irritated skin. Allercaine will moisturize, penetrate and soften while acting as an antiseptic, thus promoting healthy skin. Bittran II will prevent licking and chewing of the wound. Allercaine Spray is recommended for flea and other insect bites, allergic problems, and other compulsive scratching and biting problems. This product is not for use on cats. What is unique about Allercaine Spray? Allercaine Spray not only deadens the pain, but moisturizes and softens the skin while it helps stop scratching, licking and chewing. What does Allercaine with Bittran contain? Lidocaine, Lanolin, Benzalkonium chloride, with Bittran II to prevent licking. Made in Canada.

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