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* Starts to kill fleas within 1 hour
* Unique soft chew available without a prescription
* Contains the active ingredient imidacloprid

Trust the Bayer name for easy-to-give treatment of adult flea infestations on your dog. This flavored soft chew formula kills adult fleas fast - it starts working within 1 hour and achieves 96% effectiveness within 4 hours.

No-mess, no-drip application - administer the soft chew directly from your hand. A single dose kills existing adult fleas, but if your pet should become re-infested, advantus is safe enough to administer as often as once per day. Not a preventive; works only on the adult stage of the flea life cycle. For dogs and puppies 4 lbs of body weight or greater and 10 weeks of age or older.

Dosage: advantus should be administered according to the following schedule. Weigh your dog prior to administration to ensure proper dosage. Do not administer to dogs weighing less than 4 pounds of body weight.

Dog weight Dose Imidacloprid per soft chew
4 - 22 lbs one soft chew 7.5 mg
23 - 110 lbs one soft chew 37.5 mg

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