Treatibles Grain Free Pumpkin Treat

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Serving instructions and number of Treatibles per bag:

  • Small bags contain roughly 75 Treatibles and contain 1 mg per Treatible. 
  • Large bags contain roughly 45 Treatibles, and contain 4 mg per Treatible (increased from 2.5 mg each).

We suggest 1mg per every 10lb dog weight.

Suggested Serving: 20 lb dog receives 2 small Treatibles (2 mg); 80 lb dog receives 2 large Treatibles (8 mg). Treatibles may be administered as needed, according to the individual animal’s relief and response. 

Why are Treatibles labeled as containing PCR?

PCR is the acronym for Phytocannabinoid Rich. So PCR oil isb Phytocannabinoid Rich oil.

Phyto means ‘from a plant.’ Our oil is derived from the hemp plant. Because we utilize a full plant extraction, several therapeutic phytocannabinoids are included (as well as other beneficial compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids and amino acids), making PCR a more accurate description of the oil used in our products. Hemp based phytocannabinoid rich oil (PCR) offers a wide range of therapeutic applications but without the psychoactive properties of THC, which is found in medical cannabis.