Thuja Pellets 30X 4dr

Washington Homeopathics
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THUJA OCCIDENTALIS Indication: Warts Size: 4 dram Potency: 30x Pill Size: #25 Thuja can be helpful to resolve ongoing symptoms of vaccinosis, which may result in a wide array of immediate symptoms like fatigue, muscle pain, weakness, fever, etc., following administration of a vaccine, as well as carry long term effects that may appear weeks or months after your pet is vaccinated. Long term effects of over-vaccination include skin eruptions at the vaccine site, skin and respiratory allergic symptoms, respiratory infections, digestive issues, and even arthritis.   Thuja is also helpful for symptoms of disorders that affect the skin, including warts, rashes, eruptions, cysts, and tumors. Other major body systems that may be benefited by Thuja are the gastrointestinal system (it is excellent for "sputtery" diarrhea) and the urinary tract (some cases of chronic cystitis may be helped by this remedy). Suggested Usage: Give 3-6 pellets by mouth 3 times daily.