Super Snouts
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SUPER SHROOMS SUPER 7 ORGANIC MEDICINAL MUSHROOM BLEND 2.64oz Jar w/ Scoop​75 Servings for a 25lb Dog!   Veterinary Approved.• Supports your Pet's Immune and Cell Function• Promotes Healthy Immune and Cell Function• Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response & Detoxification • Helps Fight Infection by Improving Baseline Immunity ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC CHAGA, ORGANIC CORDECEPS SINENSIS, ORGANIC LION’S MANE, ORGANIC MAITAKE, ORGANIC REISHI, ORGANIC SHIITAKE, ORGANIC TURKEY TAIL.INACTVE INGREDIENTS: MYCELIATED BROWN RICE FRUITING BODY ALL 7 ORGANIC MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS IN OUR SUPER SHROOM BLEND ARE GROWN IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWESTERN UNITED STATES.   Medicinal Mushrooms promote healthy immune and cell function.  They are natural “immuno-modulators”, which means that they are able to go into the body and adjust the immune system either up or down depending on the condition or issue. Super Shrooms Support a healthy inflammatory response and detoxification process in the body.  Super Shrooms contain bioactive compounds that have the ability to neutralize toxins, promote protective enzymes and decrease oxidative stress, which is responsible for accelerated aging of the body.  Super Shrooms are dense in molecules known as Beta-glucans.  Beta-glucans are known for immune system support and re-building connective tissue to promote healthy joints. Some of the many known benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms: inflammation fatigue frequent infections (urinary tract, respiratory infections, etc.) liver disease food allergies and asthma digestive problems, stomach ulcers and leaky gut syndrome tumor growth and cancer skin disorders autoimmune disorders diabetes heart disease, hypertension sleep disorders and insomnia anxiety and depression