Purishield Tack

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A topical application disinfectant for all tack items, including bits, blankets, bands, cinches, saddles, neck-sweats, halters and all other tack. PurishieldTM Tack decreases viruses, bacteria and fungi found on tack that may cause disease or infection. Formulated for tack used on horses and other large animals. PurishieldTM Tack does not stain and is safe to apply to tack on or around your animals including eyes, mouth and ears.   Vet approved Safe and non-toxic Steroid-free and antibiotic-free Contains no alcohol, iodine, tea tree oil or bleach Non-irritating and non-resistant formula Safe if licked or ingested Biodegradable Veterinarian Recommendations: Apply Purishield™ Tack before and after each use of tack. Directions for Use: Hold spray bottle 6–8 inches away from item while gently squeezing the trigger to mist your tack. Repeat process until your entire piece of tack has been misted. After application, you may immediately use or store your tack. Tack does not need to be dry to store. Do not attempt to dry, rub in or spread Purishield™ Tack, as it unevenly distributes the product and will remove the application. Storage: Store at room temperature. Ingredients: Purifect™ for Tack, Acetic Acid, Zwitterionic Surfactant, Water, Proprietary Blend (containing Chlorhexidine)