Purishield Eye Wash

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Formulated to aid in the management of eye irritations in cattle, pigs, sheep and horses, PurishieldTM Eye Wash is a topical treatment that helps to manage eye irritations resulting from viruses, bacteria and fungi. It does not sting when applied and is safe to use on all eye types. Vet approved Safe and non-toxic Steroid-free and antibiotic-free Contains no alcohol, iodine, tea tree oil or bleach Non-irritating and non-resistant formula Safe if licked or ingested Biodegradable Veterinarian Recommendations: Apply Purishield™ Eye Wash twice daily to irritated eye(s). Directions for Use: Hold spray bottle 6–8 inches away from irritated eye(s) while gently squeezing the trigger, applying liberally. Repeat process twice daily until the problem has resolved. Storage: Store at room temperature. Ingredients: Purifect™ for Eyes, Saline Solution (containing Sodium Chloride), Lactic Acid