Protecta - Pad 4 oz

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Foot pad & elbow cream for dry cracked pads. Why should I use Protecta Pad? Protecta Pad softens and moisturizes. It is a fast-acting, GENTLE AND NATURAL remedy which penetrates into the sublayers of the pad to get at the cause of the problem... dryness. It's unique formula will soften calloused areas and increase the pliability of the pad, while maintaining the resiliency consistent with normal healthy tissue. Protecta Pad was originally designed to protect and heal the pads and elbows of hunting and working dogs exposed to harsh environments. It will also benefit city dogs who walk mainly on cement and where sidewalks are treated with chemicals for ice removal. It's just as good for dogs who develop elbow joint callouses from sleeping on rugs or hard surfaces. What does Protecta Pad contain? Natural collagen protein to help maintain durability and flexability. Isopropyl palmitate to soften callouses Stearyl alcohol to maintain moisture level Lanolin to soften and protect by holding moisture in affected tissue