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A triple source of vitamin C in a natural 90% cranberry powder base to boost vitamin C absorption.

Cranberry has long been associated with urinary tract health.  And vitamin C  is naturally acidic, and an antioxidant!  

A product that combines all Three Vitamin C types: Ester, Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid blended with Cranberry powder. (Cranberry provides a whole food base necessary to allow Cells to correctly utilize these C-vitamins).

Ingredients:   Cranberry Powder Concentrate, Organic Coconut Flower, Coated Ascorbic Acid, Encapsulated Vitamin C, Calcium Ascorbate, and Magnesium Hydroxide  

Suggested Usage:  Mix thoroughly into food. Feed in one meal or ideally divide between two meals. 1/8 teaspoon delivers 625 mg of Cran Tri C  

Guaranteed Analysis: Vitamin C ... 27,273 mg/lb Percent Fresh Solids ... 45%


Also Available In Capsules !

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Cran Tri C
Written by Pamela Carroll on 16th Mar 2018

Love this product!! My dogs get a scoop every breakfast and dinner!

Cran Tri C
Written by Martha on 18th Oct 2016

Great product and the dogs love it

Written by Catherine on 4th Jan 2016

have been using this product for years with all of my Ridgebacks and insist that my puppy buyers include it in their dogs diet. The best source of well assimilated Vit. C that I know of.

Written by Lydia on 21st Jul 2015

My puppy was constantly getting UTI's as she squatted so low to the ground. I purchased this and give her some every day and since I have been using it she hasn't had any issues! The vitamin C also helps her have beautiful feet!!!!